Raspberry Pi Init Scripts

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This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

There are two init scripts for the Raspberry Pi used in the Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix 14:


This is a simple shell script that prompts to set four pieces of information:

  1. the root password
  2. a user account
  3. the system timezone
  4. text mode or graphical operation (runlevel 3 or 5)

The script runs only if:

  1. the file /etc/reconfigSys exists, and
  2. some input devices (mouse or keyboard) are detected (there are devices in /dev/input)

If the Raspberry Pi is booted headless (no input devices), the system will configure the ethernet interface via IPv4 dhcp, and the system may be accessed via ssh. The default login information is:

  • User ID: root
  • Password: fedoraarm

Note: It is strongly recommended that you change the root password, create a normal user account for everyday use, and disable remote root logins.

This script will be replaced in later releases with FirstBoot modules; these modules are necessary because the Raspberry Pi software is not installed by an interactive Anaconda session, so some of the customization choices that would be made at installation time on other platforms need to be made at first boot instead.


The Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix is distributed as a short image -- that is, an image that is shorter than a 2GB SD card. On first boot, this script will attempt to resize the second (last) partition on the SD card to completely fill the card.

This script runs only if:

  • the file /.autoresize is present

Short images are used in order to:

  • reduce download times
  • avoid writing "empty" data to the SD card
  • accommodate a wide range of SD card sizes

This script will be replaced in later releases with a systemd unit file plus a shell script.