Raspberry Pi Disk Partitions

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Disk partitions in use on the Raspberry Pi:

  • sda1 - Fedora 13 with a lot of experiments ;-) - ctyler and paulw
  • sda2 - Fedora 13 experiments - ctyler
  • sda3
  • sda5 - Configuring X Windows - Tommy Cho Long Chor (toomy)
  • sda6 - Optimizing Boot - Jordan Huestis (jbhuestis)
  • sda7
  • sda8 - Testing Alternate Browsers - Dayu Guan (Dguan)
  • sda9

If you want a disk partition, claim it by filling in the list above.

Recommendation for copying partitions:

  • Claim a partition above
  • Make sure it's empty!
  • Format it with mkfs -t ext3 /dev/PARTITIONID
  • Mount it: mnt /dev/PARTITIONID /mnt/whatever
  • Copy it: cp -x -R -p -v / /mnt/whatever
    • The -x prevents the copy from proceeding to other filesystems
  • Copy /boot/cmdline.txt to /boot/cmdline.PARTITIONID
  • Edit /boot/cmdline.PARTITIONID to say: root=/dev/PARTITIONID
  • Whenever you want to boot from your partition: cp /boot/cmdline.PARTITIONID /boot/cmdline.txt
  • Change /etc/motd in your partition to tell people which partition they're on