Raspberry Pi: Tuning Firefox

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  • Reduce Firefox's memory footprint so it is feasible to run on a 128 MB Raspberry Pi system.


  • Create multiple virtual machines with comparable specs to that of the Raspberry Pi. (128 MB of RAM, same processor speed, etc.)
  • Tweak and experiment with Firefox configurations, addons, and packages, seeing what uses an acceptable memory footprint.


  • Host machine for VMs
  • Raspberry Pi Fedora Release

0.1 - Proof of Concept

  • Build several Virtual Machines with Raspberry Pi specs, using the appropriate Fedora build
  • Experiment with various combinations of Firefox configurations to find smaller memory footprints

0.2 - Rough Results

  • Find/Propose several options for Firefox configurations

0.3 - Final Recommendation

  • Collaborate with those in the Open Source community, and decide on one/a few ideal configurations for various ARM Fedora Builds