Raspberry Pi: Optimizing the X configuration

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I will be optimizing the X configuration for the Raspberry Pi.

For my 3 project releases, I will be doing the following:


- test X Server memory usage in Virtual Machines
- release memory usage results based on a variety of variables (changing resolution, memory configuration, VirtualBox/VMware)


- test X Server memory usage on the Raspberry Pi
- create an xorg.conf template for the Raspberry Pi
- compare memory usage before and after the tweak
- release xorg.conf for others to test out

0.3) (updated after 0.2 release, since tweaking xorg.conf did not have optimal results)

- attempt to rebuild X Server package to unnecessary packages and/or settings
- release the SPEC file, SRPM, RPM of my package
- show memory usage results

The work I have done will be posted on http://toomymon.wordpress.com