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Strategy for 2011 into 2012


  1. marketing through transparency
  2. comprehensive web presence with visible depth
  3. student-centered teaching techniques
  4. recent hard-copy publication presence
  5. in-house recognition of student excellence (pending)
  6. creative commons licensing

Implementation Details

  • course design for our particular spectrum of students
    • four-stage exposure of course material
      • lectures
      • in-class exercises
      • workshops
      • assignments - real-world related to maximize motivation
    • tutorial support for weakly structured domains (Jordan and Chris)
      • novices - examples only
      • intermediate - examples and problems
      • experts - problems only
  • public course web sites (editable by instructors alone)
    • expose a comprehensive view of the course material
      • lecture notes
      • in-class exercises
      • workshop problems
      • assignment specifications
      • practice problems
    • creative commons attribution only 2.5 license - faculty copyright
    • readily upgradable from semester to semester
    • integration of course web sites within the SCS Drupal site (never completed)
      • should any sections be excluded
  • course notes
    • better to present material in chunks
    • need to be up-to-date with current standards
    • we should maximize use of colour coding to facilitate clarity on the web view
  • Moodle learning management system - password protected (editable by instructors alone)
    • assignment submission mechanism
    • grade reporting mechanism
    • forums and discussion boards
  • wikis (editable by registered members)
    • open to both student and faculty input
    • require a common format to maximize student use
    • require a common host
  • awards for exemplary projects (never implemented)
    • determined by faculty
    • awarded during president's honours list ceremonies
    • posted on MySeneca

Implementation Status

Course Web Site In-Class Workshops Targeted Tutorials Assignments ICT Integration Remarks
IPC144 ipc144 pages/exercises pages/workshops to be started pages/assignments under discussion still copy of BTP100
BTP100 btp100 pages/exercises pages/workshops to be started pages/assignments under discussion open
OOP244 oop244 pages/exercises pages/workshops to be completed pages/assignments December 2011 add C++11
BTP200 btp200 pages/exercises pages/workshops to be completed pages/assignments December 2011 add C++11
BTP300 btp300 pages/exercises pages/workshops deferred pages/assignments June 2011 add C++11 and C11
GAM666/DPS901 gam666 nothing to be created nothing self-selected topics Fall 2012 needs completion

Student Awards

TEL Award for Game Programming (never implemented)

  • Fall 2010
    1. Razed By Fire - Daniel Hodgin, Jon Buckley, James Boelen, Steven Weerdenburg, Kaitlyn Callow
    2. The 10th Floor - Ryan Wang, Aravinthan Vathsalan, Geoffrey Mok
    3. Don't Crash into Buildings - David Perit, Andrew Condinho, Brian Law


Course Notes

The TEL Series on Software Development

  • Initially a four volume series
  • Up to date with current standards
  • Public web pages converted to printed form
  • Designed for use in tests and exams as well as lectures
  • Printed at Newnham, sold in the Bookstore, and affordable to our students
  • Colour versions can be printed once the colour costing drops
  • Creative Commons Attribution only 2.5 license
Completion Status
Title Candidate Courses Remarks Most Recent Printing
Introduction to the C Language IPC144 BTP100 to be written - Winter 2013 target
Introduction to C++ for C Programmers OOP244 BTP200 ready to add C++11 basics December 2011 edition
Intermediate C++ OOP344 BTP300 ready to add C++11, C11 basics June 2011 edition
Introduction to Game Programming for C++ Programmers GAM666 DPS901 to be written - Fall 2012 target

Journals and Conferences

Anastasiade, J., and Szalwinski, C. 2010. Building Computer-based Tutors to Help Learners Solve Ill-Structured Problems. In Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2010. Toronto, ON: AACE.

Szalwinski, C. M. 2011. An Open Instructional Framework for Game Programming Students. ACM Transactions on Computing Education. (submitted for publication - need to revise to incorporate recent changes and alter emphasis).

Software Support

  • Framework for Game Programming Students
    • Release 1.0 Fall 2010
    • Release 2.0 Fall 2011
    • Release 3.0 Fall 2012 - under preparation