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News Articles

"A snapshot of the current job market shows openings for computer software programmers and systems engineers leading the pack..." Wallace Immen, The Globe and Mail January 1 2011. Full Article

Rethinking programming and design tools


TIOBE Inc. keeps track of the monthly demand for professional programmers by programming language

Digital Games Toronto


Ubisoft will bring 800 game related jobs to Ontario over the next ten years - Splinter Cell 6

Bedlam Games

  • currently hiring - January 2011

XMG Studio Inc.

  • currently hiring - February 2012


Ontario Video Game Developers

Open Source


"I maintain that Seneca is the best school in Canada for software developers, and I'm proud of being a BSD graduate." Andrew Smith December 2010

"I'm not sure why I'm writing this; I don't really have any questions or need any feedback. I guess I'm just overwhelmed by what I just experienced. I have played a game called Stepmania for over 6 years, which is open source. In an interest to put my own features into the game, I just opened up the source code for the first time. Suddenly, everything we've learned in DPS901, all the systems courses for BTS, everything... it all makes sense now. I used to think programming was easy, and that in my current state, I probably could do 80-90% of what a professional could. 800 files, each with hundreds to thousands of lines of COMPLEX code that make BTP300 look like a joke. Upon seeing what a finished, professional product is like... suddenly the task of being a REAL programmer has taken shape. It's not as easy as I thought. I guess I'm kind of glad; easy was getting boring. :)" Graeme Smyth October 2010