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Keeping up with the language standards


  • the standard that we currently teach in our C courses is C89
  • C99 introduced several new features and deprecated several features
    • //
    • long long
    • variable length arrays
    • inline functions
    • variadic macros
    • gets() deprecated
  • C11 has been published and approved
    • support international programming, minimize incompatibilities
    • improved Unicode support
    • multi-threading
    • _Generic keyword
    • to be completed
    • as of Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft had no plans to support C99
  • shouldn't we start to teach C11?


  • the standard that we teach is a mixture of pre-standard C++ and C++98
    • C and function style casts were deprecated in C++98
  • C++11 has been approved and published
  • shouldn't we remove our dependencies on pre-standard C++?


We are teaching Java at 1.4 level

  • Must include Generics & Annotations

Professional Options

  • what are the minimum requirements for professional options ?
  • are those requirements being met by our core courses?

Game Programming

  • GAM666/DPS901 brings together programming and systems for the first time
  • should enrollment in the introductory course be capped
  • should CPD students be given the option to take introductory game programming (faculty == yes)
    • top CPD students who enroll often do well in this course
  • should workshops be added to these courses
  • should we issue game programming certificates

Open Source

  • what are the minimum requirements for open source students ?
  • are those requirements being met ?

Software Support

C and C++ Courses

  • nled
  • Borland - should we remove this compiler from our course notes
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • GNU gcc, g++