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This page may be obsolete.
It contains historical information.

PostgreSQL Adapter for NexJ

Project Goal

Develop an adapter to enable NexJ Express model to interact with PostgreSQL database.


Supported PostgreSQL Versions

  • 8.4+

Current Status

Project Phases

Phase 1: Investigation (DONE)

  • Get requirements from NexJ (Meeting on Friday Nov 5th)
  • Walk-through the code
  • Familiarization with PostgreSQL

Phase 2: Connect to PostgreSQL server (DONE)

Phase 3: PostgreSQLSchemaManager (DONE)

Phase 4: PostgreSQLAdapter (DONE)

Phase 5: PostgreSQL UnitTests and Optimization (DONE)

  • Estimated Duration: 2 weeks (Feb 28 - Mar 11, 2016)
  • Add database specific tests fostr PostgreSQL
    test for required contrib scripts
    test for custom blob read & write functions
  • Add PostgreSQL specific optimization

Phase 6: Megre Code with Latest Revision (DONE)

Phase 7: Test with NexJ Express Studio (DONE)

  • Estimated duration: Mar 7- Apr 14, 2011
  • Run model in Express studio using the postgresql adapter
  • create scripts for database initialization, creation and dumping
  • create scripts for JBoss
  • Deploy to JBoss

Phase 8: Code Review 1 - Meeting (DONE)

  • Date: Apr 20,2011
  • Meet with NexJ Developer to review code

Phase 9: Code Review 1 - Apply Changes (DONE)

Phase 10: Code Review 2 (DONE)

  • Send code for review

Phase 11: Code Review 2 - Apply Changes (DONE)

Phase 12: Code Review 3 (DONE)

Phase 13: Code Review 3 - Apply Changes (DONE)

  • Upgrade to lastest 7.1 branch
  • Create Statement and PreparedStatementProxy
  • Create PostgreSQLPreparedStatementProxy:
    • implement set/getQueryTimeout
    • move custom timeout code into this proxy
  • Override prepareStatement in PostgreSQL to return PostgreSQLPreparedStatementProxy
  • Implement implicit save points for statements within a transaction block
  • Modify readSchema to use addColumn for reading columns from the database
    • Remove MSSQL and Oracle specific code from addColumn
    • Override addColumn in PostgreSQL for text, bytea and lo types

Phase 14: Integration Tests (DONE)

  • Run Integration tests against the Adapter

Phase 15: Code Review 4 (DONE)

Phase 16: Code Review 4 - Apply Changes (DONE)

Phase 17: Code Review 5 (DONE)

Phase 18: Code Review 5 - Apply Changes (DONE)

Phase 19: Code Review 6

Project Repository

  • Steps to work with the repository
1- Follow the instructions to create the NexJ Express workspace .
2- After creating 'ws' directory,
open Eclipse and
click on File -> Import -> Mercurial -> Clone Existing Mercurial Repository
Enter this information:


  • Downloads

Linux binaries

  • Debugging
Unit Testing for non Default SQL Adapter
  • Intro
Concept of Adapter [1]

Summary of Applied Research