Ops535 update

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Propose learning outcomes updates:

  • Apply basic knowledge of relevant scripting tools and techniques.
  • Aplly knowledge of new and current development tools.
  • Assess, select, and use appropriate tools and techniques to develop and maintain administrative scripts and task automation.
  • Apply Knowledge of software firewalls.
  • Assist in evaluating and enforcing security-related policies and documents
  • Apply knowledge of remote-access technologies to allow secure remote access to the network and its resources
  • Select and use standard tools, techniques, and equipment to install and troubleshoot networks
  • Select and use appropriate tools and techniques to monitor, test, validate, and evaluate the effectiveness of network solutions

New Topic outline:

  • Hypervisor
  • QEMU
  • Libvirt
  • Container
  • Software Defined Network
    • SDN Controller
    • Virtual Network Switch
  • VM deployment and administration
  • Configuration Management Systems
    • Basic Concepts:
      • Management and planning
      • Configuration Identification
      • Configuration Control
      • Configuration Status Accounting
      • Configuration Verification & Audit
    • Basic Componets:
      • Controller Machine
      • Managed machine
      • Agent
    • Examples:
      • ansible, salt, synctool
      • puppet, chef
  • Version Control System
    • git