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The Open Source Special Interest Group (SIG) provides an opportunity for Seneca students to get learn about and get involved with open source.


The Open Source SIG was open to all Seneca faculty and staff.


In previous semesters, we have had workshops, guest speakers, and demonstrations from contributors to a variety of open source projects.

Start up

  • Note: This club is not currently active. Those interested in open source software might try the Linux Club.

Old Messages

Watch these pages for the Open Source SIG startup announcement in early 2014.

  • The first meeting of the Open Source Special Interest Group is on Thursday January 30th from 5PM to 6PM in T2107. There will be a panel discussion and Q&A session with some senior students on their experiences in open source, along with a practical workshop on getting involved in an open source project.
  • The next meeting (Thursday March 6th, from 5PM to 6PM in T1009) will have several guests from open source communities who will give an introduction to their projects and how new people can start getting involved and possibly make contributions.
  • For the next meeting (Thursday March 20th from 5PM to 6PM in T2107) we have a guest from an open source project who will be running an introductory workshop on tools commonly used in being a member of that project (e.g. communicating with the community, contributing to the project).
  • The final meeting of the semester will be on Thursday April 3rd from 5PM to 6PM in T2107. A guest speaker from the pidora project will be running a workshop on the code submission process for pidora.