OSTEP Meeting 2013-11-06

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  • F19 Alpha Released
    • Problems are kernel modules
    • missing a few key packages like webkitgk -> Midori
    • Andrew Oatley is looking into how we can get texlive signed
    • F19 packages are currently being signed
  • Noobs - Pidora
    • Due to Scotlan's downtime Noobs was broken for net-install
    • New version of Noobs requires more testing
  • F20 Builds
    • I have halted building at the moment to rebuild some key buildroot packages for f19
    • There are also buildroot packages f20 that need to be fixed such as binutils, libdb rpm before I can proceed.

Chris M

  • Open stack
    • OpenStack has been migrated to Iraq
    • driver issue resolved
    • works on vms
    • transition from vm to baremetal
  • Infostructure
    • UPS's installed
    • we had an issue this morning with the ups overloading
    • Rome snap shot has been made but still requires a back up