OSTEP Meeting 2013-10-02

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SBR600 Resource Access

  • Automate Pidora Kernel and Firmware Building -- need access to a suitable CDOT host
  • Clean Up the Pidora Kickstart File -- need access to a CDOT compose host
  • Bug Tracker for Pidora -- need access to CDOT host (Rome?)
  • Create a Fedpkg-compatible Package Repository for Pidora -- CDOT host (Scotland?)
  • Mirrorlist CGI Script -- Test on other systems, install on Pidora.ca


Andrew Greene

  • Shipped NOOBS 1.3-compatible files
    • Concern about raspberrypi-vc updating
    • Continuing work on ks-based compose - wrong kernel package being installed
  • Need to release updates, and then do so on continuous basis
  • F19 building halted - ~2500 packages left :-)
    • GHC is being a pain in the neck
  • F19 Updates - need to build
  • F20? - Start building after F19 main pkgs

Andrew Oatley-Willis

  • Sigul - fixed
  • Bring ChrisM up to speed on infra setup
    • Builder setup
  • Backup status e-mails - under construction (w/ ChrisM)

Chris M

  • Pidora NOOBS - Multi-OS installs etc.
  • Investigations
    • Armada crashes - continuing to investigate
    • Koji builder stoppages on Viridis - will investigate


  • 18-Month OSTEP Report to NSERC
  • BREAKERS - Bluetooth+RaspberryPi
  • IRCC Chairs Network meeting - Nov 25 @CDOT