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OPS635 OpenStack Lab: Infrastructure as a Service with OpenStack


In this lab, you will gain experience working with OpenStack. OpenStack is a platform that allows you to control a pool of resources (e.g. CPU cores, memory, storage space, network addresses) and allocate them to projects. This creates an environment in which other admins can then use those resources to implement networks, virtual machines, services, etc. While we do not have the resources for each of you to act as the administrator for a full OpenStack installation, this lab will have you act as an admin for a project within an installation already installed by your professor.

Investigation 1: Installing a new machine in OpenStack

  • Using the resources provided on the class OpenStack installation, create a network. (your network number should match your normal network number)
  • Create a router and connect your network to the public network.
  • Using the existing CentOS image and flavours, create a new instance called client-(yourname). (using your Seneca ID as yourname).
  • Update your instance (yum update).

Investigation 2: Migrating an existing machine to OpenStack

  • Pick a virtual machine you have already configured to provide a service and upload the image file to the class OpenStack installation.
  • Create a new instance (called server-(yourname)) using the image file you just uploaded, adding it to the network you created in Investigation 1.
  • Configure you client machine to be a client of the server you just migrated to OpenStack.


Show your professor your client machine using the service installed on the server machine. Take a screenshot of the console view of your server machine and upload it to Blackboard.