OPS535 TCP/IP Network Review2

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  • Chapter 11 - TCP/IP for System Administrators
    • TCP/IP Packet - Data Link Header, Network Header, and Transport Header, Data
    • TCP/IP Model and the OSI Model
    • The two main transport protocols: TCP and UDP
    • Using tcpdump to select and view packet headers
    • ARP - address resolution protocol
    • IP address: Network and Host, netmask and subnetting
    • Static and dynamic routings
  • Chapter 12 - Network Configuration
    • Network device and driver
    • Network device naming scheme
    • Network device configuration tools: ip, ifconfig, and nmcli
    • Setting up network device at boot time: /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-xxx
    • Kernel routing table: configure and display using "route" and "ip route"
    • Source address selection on machine with multiple IPs
    • Hostname Configuration using hostnamectl