OPS435 Lab 3 - Bash

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Get the following scripts working and submit them via Blackboard:

Part 1

# Fix this script so that when you run it it will tell you whether
# there is more or less than WARNING_THRESHOLD percent available disk space


PERCENT_USED=`df | ... | ... | ...`

  DEVICE_NAME=`df | ... | ...`
  MOUNT_POINT=`df | grep $DEVICE_TO_CHECK | awk '{print $NF; }'`
  echo "Device ... mounted on ??? is low on free disk space!"
  echo "There is plenty of free disk space."

Part 2

# Fix this script so that it will ask the user for the name of a file to
# extract and extract that file.

# Do this step manually:
# Create the directory apache-logs-2015 and download some files into it from
# http://matrix.senecacollege.ca/~andrew.smith/scs-logs-s015/

echo "Please choose one of the following files to extract: "
cd apache-logs-2015
echo -n "Your choice: "
read something

echo "Extracting to "`basename $CHOSENNAME .bz2`
bunzip2 < $CHOSENNAME

# If the previous command worked:
  echo "All done."
# If the previous command didn't work:
  echo "Something didn't work!"
  exit 2


Rememeber that every program that runs returns a code - zero for success, non-zero for failure. There is a variable that holds the return code from the previously run command.