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Concerns (Fall 2017)

  1. Pre-made OPS435 Python Reference Sheet for tests and final exam?

  2. Follow-up: Andrew S. mentioned that this could be useful for SECOND iteration of course, since they are busy delivering course for the first time. Perhaps add in this resource ideas... I notice the labs discuss Python, but would be nice to add just a few sentences in each lab of the importance of the topic in those labs and how they relate (in general terms) to later labs like Ansible and Open Stack. It doesn't have to be complex, but a quick mention.

  3. Murray Saul will work on providing review questions at of labs. Would like to re-title section heading to "Lab Review"

  4. For future labs - please avoid the phrase "issue the following command". Python is a programming language and it does not have commands. iPython has some commands but most of what we do in the lab is not that. Students are asked to execute methods, examine attributes, list contents, get help, etc.

  5. Network glitch corrected by Mehrdad where network install (URL copy from Belmont) hung up install due to missing software repository.
    Cause: due to firewall protocol system implementation in Spring/Summer, it blocked the "yum" protocol, and now has been fixed system-wide.

    FYI: Murray Saul verified that the fix worked by successfully created a VM via network install.

  6. ATTENTION: Mehrdad mentioned that possibly in the next semester (or eventually), the belmont server URLs will be removed. The alternative (and eventual replacement) that affects OPS235/OPS335/OPS435 is: mirror.senecacollege.ca/centos/7/os/x86_64/
    Therefore, this corrections should be made for OPS235 and OPS335 labs for the Winter 2018 startup prior to classes.

  7. ATTENTION (Mark Fernandes / OPS235): Verify your CentOS release version using rpm -qa centos-release. If it is 1708 and, you are using a removable hard drive with boot issues then do the following: copy grubx64.efi from CentOS EFT/BOOT site here into your /EFI/BOOT directory of your hard drive. To get to that directory of your hard drive you would need to boot from a live CentOS USB or CD/DVD and mount the /boot partition of your HDD. Try to do this yourself, otherwise ask for help from the lab tutor or instructor.

  8. Lab 4 List comprehensions section is somewhat incomplete. It should either be removed or modified to fully cover it.