OPS335 Exam Review

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Winter 2012 Semester

Exam Format

  • Matching 20 marks
  • Short Answer Qestions 20 marks
  • Complete the Task Questions 40 marks (choose 5 out of eight tasks)

Important Concepts and Terminology

  • Fedora Linux release code name
  • file system table
  • Linux system information provided by uname -a
  • UUID of a file system
  • /boot file system
  • / (root) file system
  • Configure a Linux machine as a network gateway
  • systemd, native and non-natvie systemd services
  • default runlevels
  • Virtual Machine Manager: virt-manager
  • netfilter and iptables
  • tables and chains
  • built-in chains and user defined chains
  • built-in chain policy
  • add, delete, list, save, and restore rules to iptables
  • yum list, yum install, yum groupinstall, yum remove, and yum update
  • DNS server using BIND: configure file and zone files
  • Primary name server, secondary name server, and caching only name server
  • Name service switch configuration
  • DNS queries, Zone transfer, and DNS caching
  • SOA, NS, A, PTR, CNAME, and MX resource records
  • mail, sendmail, and postfix
  • email and MX record
  • mail queue and mail log
  • smtp, imap, and pop3
  • port forwarding using iptables/netfilter
  • NAT (network address translation) using iptables/netfilter
  • load balancing using iptables/netfilter
  • Apache: log file, default server root, default document root, default configuration file
  • ftp server: active mode and passive mode
  • netfilter's ftp connection tracking module: nf_conntrack_ftp
  • packets logging using iptables/netfilter
  • NFS and automount
  • NFS server's export options
  • NFS client's mount options
  • automount maps: /etc/auto.master, /etc/auto.home
  • RPC and portmapper
  • NIS and centralize user account information
  • NIS: Makefile, make, domain, maps
  • Samba, SMB/CIFS, and NetBIOS
  • Samba: testparm, smbpasswd, pdbedit, smbclient, smb, and nmb
  • backup, rsync, and cron
  • SELinux Booleans: getsebool, setsebool

Configuration file

  • File System: /etc/fstab
  • Systemd: /etc/systemd/*, /lib/systemd/*
  • Netfilter/iptables: /etc/sysconfig/iptables
  • DNS
    • server's main configuration file: /etc/named.conf
    • resolver (DNS client) configuration file: /etc/resolv.conf
  • Postfix configuration file
  • Apache configuration files
  • Dovecot configuration file
  • Vsftp configuration file
  • NFS
    • Server configuration file /etc/exports
    • idmapd configuration file
    • Client configuration file /etc/fstab
    • Automount configuration files
  • NIS
    • Server configuration file /var/yp/Makefile, /etc/sysconfig/network
    • Client configuration file /etc/yp.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf, and /etc/sysconfig/network
  • Samba configuration file smb.conf
  • cron configuration file

commands and programs

  • all commands used in the labs and assignments
  • all programs used in the labs and assignments