OPS335 Email Lab Troubleshooting

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Set up two email servers to exchange email

The proper way to do it is through DNS with the proper domain delegation (root name server, top-level domain name servers, etc). However, we can try the short-cut to get this working for just two domains to exchange their emails:

For example, we have two domain lucas.org and salituro.org with the following configuration:

Email server for 1st domain: vm2 - (FQDN for vm2 - vm2.lucas.org) DNS domain name for the 1st domain: lucas.org

Email server for the 2nd domain: VM3 - (FQDN for vm3 - vm3.salituro.org) DNS domain name for the 2nd domain: salituro.org

To run a DNS server to provide resource records for both domains

Need to have two zone files defined for the DNS server.

zone for lucas.org

file name: db-lucas.org

lucas.org SOA ....
lucas.org IN NS vm1.lucas.org.
vm1  IN
vm2  IN
lucas.org IN MX 10 vm2.lucas.org.

zone for salituro.org

file name: db-salituro.org

salituro.org SOA vm1.lucas.org. root.lucas.org ( ... )
salituro.org IN NS vm1.lucas.org.
salituro.org IN MX 10 vm3.salituro.org.
vm3.salituro.org. IN A

Update named.conf

original zone: lucas.org

zone "lucas.org" {
                  type master;
                  file "db-lucas.org";

add the 2nd zone: salituro.org

zone "salituro.org" {
                    type master;
                    file "db-salituro.org";


Run nslookup and query the same DNS server for the MX records for the lucas.org and salituro.org domains.