OPS335 A1 Summer 2014

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Assignment 1 - IP Integration

This assignment is an independent research project. Though collaboration between students is encouraged, each student is responsible for their own unique project submission. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


The objective of this assignment is to integrate IPv4 and IPv6 on the host OS (router). Your internal virtual network and VMs should be able to communicate seamlessly using IPv6 while interacting with Seneca's IPv4 network. In order to test and demonstrate this, you will need to temporarily disable IPv4 on your VMs and use only IPv6. All other modifications should be applied to the router.

You may use the same network and VMs as you are using for your labs for this project. It is recommended that you create a script to manage switching back and forth between IPv4 and IPv6 on your VMs, and also to manage your router configuration between lab and assignment needs.


The assignment is due during the first class of week 7 (June 17). You should be able to demonstrate your solution on demand during that class. You also need to submit a hard copy of a report that details your solution. The report should include a brief walk-through of your solution and how you configured your router to apply the solution. The report must also answer the following questions in detail:

1. How does your solution minimize the impact to the users of your virtual network? Will the users notice anything different as a result of your solution?

2. What security concerns - if any - have been addressed by your solution?

3. What security concerns - if any - still remain that will need to be dealt with in the future?

Please ensure that your name, student number, and section are clearly indicated on your report's cover page. Your grade will be evaluated based on the validity of your solution and the amount of detail in your report.