OPS335-Lab1 Overview

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Preparing for Lab 1

Purpose of Lab1

New VM configuration for existing c7host.
Configuring a gateway to allow your c7host to act as a router to allow your new VMs to connect to the Internet.

This lab will have you make modifications to your existing c7host machine (on-boot options, iptable rules, new gateway configuration). In addition, you will be removing your existing VMs from your OPS235 course (centos1, centos2, centos3) and will be creating a new VM (f22-vm1) which will be the Fedora 22 server. You will then learn how to clone two other VMs (f22-vm2 and f22-vm3) in order to save time in order to tweak later (configure).

This lab will also introduce you to some skills you will be using for the rest of the course (and your career). You will edit files to change how your system works, and to configure a service. You will also use systemd to manage when a service runs. This will occur in the simple Intranet you set up in the previous lab.

Main objectives

  • Preparation for lab1
  • Reconfigure your c7host machine from OPS235
  • Installing 3 virtual machines VMs (Fedora 22 Server)
  • Configuring a Linux Gateway
  • Managing Services Using systemd
  • Testing Connectivity
  • User Management
  • Configuring a Service

Required materials

  • Centos 7 Installation DVD
  • One SATA hard disk in a removable drive tray (minimum 160GB) - It is strongly advised you dedicate a drive for this course only.
  • Recommended - USB drive (8 GB+) for creating and storing backups (Virtual Machines, configuration files)

Reconfigure your c7host machine from OPS235

  • x

Installing 3 virtual machines VMs (Fedora 22 Server)

  • x

Configuring a Linux Gateway

  • x

Managing Services Using systemd

  • x

Testing Connectivity

  • x

User Management

  • x

Testing Connectivity

  • x

Common Mistakes / Warnings

Be Aware of the Following Issues
Be aware of these common mistakes that students make that can cause problems for their future labs.

Bring Required Materials to Class

Come prepared for labs:
  • Removable SATA Drive ( min 250 GB )
  • USB Stick ( min 8 GB )
  • Lab 1 Logbook (Instructor can't sign-off lab without seeing lab-book notes)
  • Access to Lab Instructions: printout, notebook, netbook, smartphone

Preparing for Lab Sign-Off

Students should be prepared with all required commands (system information) displayed in a terminal (or multiple terminals) prior to calling the instructor for signoff.

In order to properly complete your lab and move to the next lab, you must have your instructor "sign-off" on your lab

  • Each "signed-off" lab (before due date) is worth 1% of your final grade.
  • Signing-off on labs help to spot errors that can cause problems with future labs.
  • Students must run provided shell scripts to make certain they have properly followed labs instructions.
  • Do you ask the instructor what to check for! Read at the bottom of the lab the requirements, and have all proof available for instructor to view at same time.
  • Failing to be prepared and asking instructor what to check when assignment is mark will result in deduct of marks!
  • For example, open multiple terminals with command results. If properly set-up ahead of sign-off, the process should only take instructor approx 20 seconds to sign-off your lab.
  • If you do not have your lab-logbook, you MUST show your work and your lab log-book to your instructor for sign-off in the next class. This may cause a late penalty if past the required due date.

Lab 1 Debrief

  • x