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Summary: - September 22nd to September 28th 2006

  • Peter Weilbacher posted a question and asked: How does one go about creating a .mar package that can be used in updating Firefox and Thunderbird? He has already tried achieving the changed files but unfortunately this does not work with a static build because the .exe files change every time.
  • Nick Thomas, who's IRC nickname is (CF), responded to Peter's question. The solutions that he gave him are the following:
  1. Know the scripts in update-packaging. Specifically
  2. Change the settings in the .mozconfig file. Add these TWO options into the file:
    I. mk_add_options MOZ_CO_MODULE="mozilla/tools/update-packaging"
    II. ac_add_options --enable-update-packaging
  3. The script needs "mar" (to make the update file) and "mbsdiff" (to generate a binary diff).
  4. Read about installing a MAR file for software updates.
  5. For toolkit apps use the Update component combined with a http server that provides the mars and update info.
  6. Other useful links regarding software updates:
    I. Software Update Information
    II. About the nightly updates for Firefox & Thunderbird use patcher
    III. Generate partials and AUS to serve the information to the apps.
    IV. To figure out how the whole system fits together read the nightly update infrastructure


  • There were no announcements this week.


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