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Winter 2009 Assignment 1


This assignment is designed to get you working on setting up an Internet site to provide major Internet services to the public. You are expeced to administrate and maintain your site in collabration with other participants in the course. Only Open and Free Software should be used for this assignment.

Alone or in groups

Task Choices

To build an Internet site you need a registered domain name and at least one network (or subnet). In addition to that, you need to setup the following services:

  • Basic Services:
    • Networking Routing and Forwarding Server
    • DNS Service
    • DHCP Service
    • Remote Login Services
    • Firewall protection Service
  • Credit Services:
    • Web Service
    • Email Services
  • Advanced Services:
    • Dynamic DNS Service
    • Mail Box Services
  • Bonus Services:
    • Web access authentication using LDAP
Task A+ - Enable all services
Task A - Enable just Basic, Credit, and Advanced Services
Task B - Enable just Basic and Credit Services
Task C - Enable just Basic Services


A+ - Completion of Task A+ (100%)
A  - Completion of Task A  ( 90%)
B  - Completion of Task B  ( 80%)
C  - Completion of Task C  ( 70%)

support infrastructure

   * DHCP server for hosts in the site
   * DNS server for the domain
   * NFS server for user home directory
   * NFS server for user mail box
   * LDAP for user authentication
   * IMAP/POP3 and web mail for email access
   * Firewall for security 

Due Date

March 3rd, 2009, Tuesday in Lab T2107