NAD710 Lab7

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NAD710 - Introduction to Networks - Using Linux


  • Install all the necessary rpm packages for samba server
  • Install and configure SWAT
  • Add a samba share
  • Add a samba user account
  • Using the smbclient command line utility


  • Use yum install to install samba packages, record all the package names
  • Use the chkconfig command to turn on xinetd and swat
  • Read the following man pages:
    • smbclient
    • smbpasswd
  • create a samba share directory called "/samba"
  • Use swat or vi to edit /etc/samba/smb.conf
  • Use the smbclient command to test your samba server

Completing the Lab

Write up a complete step by step procedure with appropriate screen capture as your lab report. Email your report in PDF format to your instructor by the due date