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About XPConnect


XPConnect is a technology that is used to link XPCOM and scripting languages like Javascript together.


XPConnect allows JavaScript objects to transparently access and manipulate XPCOM objects. It also enables JavaScript objects to present XPCOM compliant interfaces to be called by XPCOM objects. A main goal is that objects communicating from either side of an XPCOM style interface should not generally need to know or care about the implementation language of the object on the other side of the interface.

XPConnect's primary reason for existence is to replace handwritten code used in places where native code needs to interact with JavaScript code. An example is the DOM module.

In order for XPConnect to properly function with XPCOM interfaces, it must be declared using XPIDL.

The XPConnect does not support the scripting of MS COM objects. It also does not support any interfaces that are not declared within XPIDL. While XPCOM objects are mainly supported, it does not support scripting of XPCOM objects that break conventions in XPCOM. E.g. non-standard return types, use of C++ default parameters, assumptions about the underlying C++ type of the object implementing a given interface, etc.

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Summarized By: Vanessa Miranda & Philip Vitorino