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Project Description

Metrics gather extensions for Firefox. Responsible for gathering UI, web, bookmark, and behavioral data. Two parts to this project, client side and server side. Client portion responsible for the data collection and transmission of clients data and the server side the processing and graphical representation of collected data.

Proposed Data To Collect

  • Understanding size of their bookmark set
  • Their web experience in terms of how often they visit sites they have visited before
  • Build models of the first 10 sites they always check before surfing around
  • Basically building some sort of behavior model of how people tend to interact with the web
  • Number of times they visit unique pages
  • Number of times they visit non-unique pages
  • Determine what frequently is?
  • Understanding how they navigate to those pages(touches back to UI)
  • Number of extensions installed
  • Number of extensions enabled/disabled
  • Frequency of cookie/cache clearing
  • Number of downloads they keep int their list
  • How many sites they visit that use different technologies (Javascript, Java, Flash, Quicktime, .NET)
  • How often do they send forms (Get vs POST)
  • Do they always start by visiting the first 10 sites then branch out
  • Any changes to default preferences, if so what?
  • Changes to config, that isn't exposed
  • How many sites are secure vs insecure?