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Mozilla's BuildBot Sources

cvs -d co mozilla/tools/buildbot - Thanks nthomas
To allow the HTTP interface to trigger a build manually, make sure your WebStatus has allForce=True - Thanks bhearsum
from buildbot.status import html
c['status'].append(html.WebStatus(http_port=8010, allowForce=True))

Seneca BuildBot Master Configuration - On Australia

Service Address Start Command Stop Command
Mercurial HTTP cd /home/buildbot-master/mozilla-central; hg serve press ctrl + c
BuildBot HTTP buildbot start /home/buildbot-master/buildbot-master buildbot stop /home/buildbot-master/buildbot-master
BuildBot Slave Port buildbot start /home/buildbot-master/buildbot-master buildbot stop /home/buildbot-master/buildbot-master

Seneca BuildBot Slaves Configuration

Slave Name Slave IP Computer Bot Username Builder
australia-slave australia australia-slave buildbot-full