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Project Name

Open Source@Seneca MediaWiki Administration and Design

Project Description

The goal of this project is to design and implement a better overall architecture to allow more projects to join us. We must keep in mind our audience (students, educators, developers, engineers, outside community, etc.) in regards to this to keep navigation simple, yet robust enough to be helpful.

Project Leader(s)

Chris Tyler

David Humphrey (dave or humph)

Tiago Moreira

Project Contributor(s)

Project Details

Phase 1

Our main goals for this phase include:

  • re-designing the "Wiki Front" (Front Page, Lobby)
    • allow newer users and visitors several navigation paths based on "roles" or motivation for the visit
  • re-designing the Projects area
    • grouping them into status-based areas (active, potential, historical) or by community (e.g. Mozilla, Fedora, etc.)

Project News

Wednesday, 2008 May 29

  • Conference call with Chris Tyler, David Humphrey, and Tiago Moreira in attendance. Project initialized.
  • Discussed the objectives of the project and brainstormed possible solutions and steps that need to be taken.
  • List of things that have to be done (in priority sequence): front page, redo project area, shoehorn existing material into new architecture