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About me

I’m a student in my 5th semester of Computer Programming and Analysis at Seneca College.


For my first coop semester in Fall 2010, I was working with Prof. Jordan Anastasiade and Grace Batumbya at CDOT. We were working on couple of 'Open Source' projects for NexJ.

1- Repositories' Syncing Project
- Duration: Oct 2010
- Project Description: NexJ had a Mercurial Repository (Internal) in which, the NexJ Express Server (Core) code was maintained with all its histories. NexJ was planning to share a Core Repository with the Open Source Community by creating a Repository (External) that would be kept in sync with the Internal Repository. A bash script was written to build and test new changes to the Internal Repository and push them to the External, if successful. To make this script run automatically on a regular basis, an automated building system which in general is called 'Continuous Integration System' was used. Hudson was the CI system that we used for NexJ due to its Java based nature.
- Project Page on Wiki
- Resources Page on Wiki
- My Blogs: [1]
2- PostgreSQL Adapter
- Duration: Nov 2010 - Dec 2010
- Project Description: Database adapters are a set of classes that create an interface to let JDBC communicate with the database. An adapter makes JDBC with one specific SQL definitions, adapts to different implementation of SQL. PostgreSQL adapter makes NexJ Express server communicates with databases in PostgreSQL platform which is an 'open source' database.
- Project Page on Wiki
- Resources Page on Wiki
- My Blogs: [2]