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"Angry Birds," first released on the iPhone, has received many updates since its release from 2 web site website9 also now features over 2 internet site website levels. Included in the game are 26 special levels, dubbed Golden Egg levels. These levels are unlocked by finding a golden egg through completing any individual task. Unlike other "Angry Birds" levels, Golden Egg levels are not rated in one to 3 stars upon level completion as they are not score based. Each level includes only one star and it is earned following completing the degree. All Golden Egg levels are beaten the same way.


1 Launch "Angry Birds" and tap "Play" on the primary menu.

2 Tap "Golden Eggs" away from the list of levels.

3 Tap the golden egg you wish to play. Formerly completed golden eggs have a star in the middle of them.

4 Shoot the birds inside the pigs to finished the level. Golden Egg levels are further akin to puzzles besides actual levels, like you are typically given one bird and must figure out the correct area to shoot him at to destroy all about the pigs on once. With example, in Golden Egg #8, firing the red bird into the TNT crate causes a chain response that is destroys all pigs. Experiment with each level to define the proper program of action.

Tips & Cautions

Golden Egg levels can be found with gaining three stars on some fixed about levels, finding a golden egg within a particular level or by browsing the "Angry Birds" menu.

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