MAP524/DPS924 Assignment2 - 2016-01

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This semester you'll design and build an Android mobile phone application that is purposeful, unique and ready to be uploaded to the Google Play Store. You will divide your effort into two parts. This is part 2.

Weight: 20% of final grade

Due date: 13th of April at 23:59

Late policy: 10% per day late, and to pass the course you must complete the assignment whether you get marks for it or not.



You will implement the application you described in your proposal in Assignment 1. Your app must:

  • Have all the features you propsed and the extra features (if any) I mentioned in my feedback.
    • Note that I will judge your app as a regular user would. So if your feature sounds to me like it should work in a particular way - that's how it should work. Half-baked features will get you half-marks.
  • Have references for any code that you copied from somewhere else or that was inspired from somewhere else.
  • Have comments explaining how the major parts of your app work (at least one per function).
  • Work on a Nexus5 running Lollipop (you can test on an appropriate emulator).


Create a PDF document named named yourusername_asg2.pdf (obviously replacing yourusername with your username). Your document must contain at least the following items:

  1. Title page including your name and email.
  2. Brief list of basic app features with any optional notes you may wish to add (e.g. this part was hard because I had to add this and that and I wasn't expecting that).
  3. List of features that were supposed to be implemented but weren't. For each feature that you didn't implement you must describe why you haven't implemented it, what solutions or alternatives you've tried, why it didn't work. Depending on the problems you've run into and how you explain them I may consider giving you marks for unimplemented features, but that better be a really detailed explanation (several paragraphs long plus code snippets).
  4. Degree students only: a section (two or three paragraphs) describing the marketing strategy for your app. How will you get users for your app? What will make people choose yours over an alternative?


Submit the following 2 files in a .tar.gz or zip file named yourusername_asg2.tar.gz/.zip in the same private repository as the one you used for assignment 1:

- yourusername_asg2.tar.gz
|- yourusername (directory)
 |- yourusername_asg2.pdf
 |- yourusername_app.apk

In the Blackboard submission add a note about where in your private repository I can find the source code for your assignment.

Test this before you submit it. I should be able to install your app from the apk file, clone and build your app from your sources, and read your document.


Remember this assignment is individual work. You may use resources online but they have to be referenced appropriately. Be very careful asking your peers for help, I don't want to see identical code submitted by different students.