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Objectives of this exercise it to learn how to branch the trunk into your workspace and merge it back after task is done. This process (Feature Branching) is taken virtually every time you have a task to add code or documentation to the project:

  1. Go through the code in CFrame and the description of CFrame here and understand what it does. Then divide the methods of the CFrame class between the members of the team so each one of you will be responsible to add comments for few of the functions.
  2. Create a directory on your computer in which you are going to checkout the repository.
    this directory is where, you are going to do your work and development. lets call this directory locdir
  3. Checkout the repository into locdir:
    • right click on locdir and select "SVN Checkout"
    • In "URL of repository" type the path to your repository like: svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344_121repXX.
    • Leave the rest to be what they are.
    • Click on OK (if prompted for userid and password, enter them)
    • Or you can issue the following command line:
      svn co svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344_113repXX locdir --username stdId --password stpassword
  4. Branch the trunk into your workspace under a directory with a proper name, lets call the directory "CommentingCFrame"
    • Right click on trunk in locdir and under "TortoiseSVN" sub-menu click on "Branch/tag"
    • Click on the button at right side of To URL and browse and find your workspace under branches directory (i.e. svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344_121repXX/branches/stdId) and select it.
    • Add the branch name to the end of the selected path:
    • In Log message type "Branching to add comments to CFrame methods"
    • Leave the rest of the options to remain as they are and click on ok.
      This will make a copy of trunk under your workspace/CommentingCFrame on the server.
    • Or you can issue the following commanline:
      svn copy svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344_121repXX/trunk svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344_121repXX/branches/stdId/CommentingCFrame -m "Branching to add comments to CFrame methods"
    • Note that the type of branching we use in this subject is called Feature Branch
  5. Update the repository to get the new branch on the local computer
    • Right click on locdir and click on "SVN update"
    • Or you can issue the following commandline:
      svn update locdir
  6. Now open CommentingCFrame workspace and start working on your task and comment the methods assigned to you.
  7. After the work is complete, (tested and compiled and run) commit your work to the repository
    • Right click on CommentingCFrame and click on SVN Commit
    • In Commit Dialog box write a short description (few words) to explain what is being committed and click on ok.
    • Or you can issue the following command:
      svn commit locdir\branches\stdId\CommentingCFrame -m "Added comments to foo() and faa() methods"
  8. Now that the work is done, we want to merge the changes back to trunk
    • First update the whole repository.
    • Right click on trunk and then in TortoiseSVN sub-menu click on merge
    • In merge options, select the second one that is Reintegrate a branch and then click on next
    • In From Url browse and find the branch you just completed your task on and then click on next. (i.e. svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344_113repXX/branches/stdId/CommentingCFrame)
      If browsing is not available you can use the repo browser to find the path to the branch and copy and paste it.
    • Before merging you can click on test merge to run a simulation and see if the merge is successful
    • click on merge to merge the branch back into trunk.
      note that the merging is happening on your local copy of the code and not the repository
    • Edit and resolve possible conflicts
    • Compile and test the trunk
    • Go to your team page and make sure no one else is committing to trunk (if they are wait for them to finish)
    • Set the status of trunk in your team page to committing
    • commit the changes to trunk
    • Set the status of trunk in your team page back to committed.
    • Or you can issue the following commands:
cd locdir
svn update
cd trunk
svn merge --reintegrate svn://zenit.senecac.on.ca/oop344_113repXX/branches/stdId/CommentingCFrame -m "merging back the comments to trunk"
  • Compile and test the trunk
  • Go to your team page and make sure no one else is committing to trunk (if they are wait for them to finish)
  • Set the status of trunk in your team page to committing
svn commit -m "committing comments added to CFrame"

Note that if the userid and password is not set to be saved, then you need to add

 --username stdId --password stpassword

to the end if each svn command