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SYA710 - Lab Expectations

  • Labs are individual work. Sometimes, you'll work with one or more classmates, nevertheless, the lab answers/results you submit must be your own - not a cut/paste version from some other student, the Linux manual or the web. Please try use your own words.
  • Lab questions should be included with your answers and you should use full English sentences for your answers and not shortened point form. For example:
    • What is your full name and Seneca 9-digit student number?
    • My name is Joker Noobie and my Seneca 9-digit student number is 012-345-678
  • Lab answers should be formatted in plain ASCII text files. The name of the file should have the file extension .txt. For example lab01.txt
  • Lab answer files should be send by email from your LEARN account. Do not use hotmail or other such mail services when communicating with me.
  • The subject of your email should contain the subject code and lab number. For example: OPS335-LAB01
  • The body of your email should contain your full name and your full 9-digit Seneca ID.
  • Lab answers should be received by me BEFORE the start of the following lab.
  • Each lab is worth 1% of your final mark. Labs with one or two small errors will be awarded the full 1%. Labs with more serious errors will be given 0%. Late labs that are correct will be given 1/2%.
  • Lab answers can be emailed several times before the due date but only the last one will be marked.