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Project Name

Koji Setup Documentation

Project Description

The Koji documentation needs an overhaul. This project will involve setting up a Koji system and documenting the process from the first to the last step.

Project Leader(s)

Todd Westacott (IRC:tewestacott) - Blog

Joshua Koh (IRC:DDDDDDD)

Project Contributor(s)

Dennis Gilmore

Chris Tyler

Paul Whalen

Project Details

This project is aimed at revamping the current Fedora wiki on Koji Systems. The goal of the project is to organize the current information into a step by step howto of setting up and running Koji. The wiki will include instructions on using the Koji Build System, running a Koji Build Server and building packages on the Koji Build System.

Project Plan

Tracking mechanism (bugzilla, trac, github, ...):

Key contacts: Chris Tyler (ctyler), Paul Whalen (PaulW), Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore)

Release Plans and Goals

* 0.1 - Walk through setup of a test Koji server

For the first release on this project we will walk through the process of setting up a Koji server using the instructions in the Howto guide on the Fedora wiki. We will take detailed notes of steps that we found to be unclear or incorrect in the process as well as any problems we run into. The rough notes will then be released to the community and be available for commenting

* 0.2 - Rough edit of the existing documentation on the Fedora wiki

For the second release of the project we will complete any outstanding components for the test build system and provide a rough edit of the existing setup documentation on the Fedora Wiki. We will gear the instructions towards a user who has little experience setting up koji servers.We are also planning to add a section for common issues and problems that one might run into during the process.

* 0.3 - Final edit of the Fedora wiki documentation

The final release of this project will be the finished documentation which a user with little experience setting up Koji servers can follow as well as a section for common issues that the user might run into.


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Koji webpage

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Koji Setup Notes

Mailing Lists




Todd Westacott's Blog

Seneca Particpants

Todd Westacott (IRC:tewestacott)

Joshua Koh (IRC:DDDDDDD)

Paul Whalen

Non-Seneca Participants

Dennis Gilmore (IRC:dgilmore on #koji)


Planet CDOT

Project News

April 05, 2011

- Completed the walk through of setting up a test Koji Build System

- Currently have a full Koji Build System up and running on Ireland.

- Did a rough edit of the HowTo documentation on the Fedora Wiki