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Learn some basic optical shortenings and you'll be able to read your script.

The numbers on your contact lens prescription, or script, may possibly look like a foreign language to you, although once you recognize a few basic optical terms and abbreviations, you'll be able to decipher your script. Your eye doctor writes measurements and abbreviations on the prescription that is the person who fulfills your order fully understands. Under the 2 web site website3 Fairness to Contact Lens Purchasers Act, you're entitled to have the contact lens retailer regarding your choice fill your prescription, so it would be helpful with you to realize what your script asserts.


1 Appear in each and every vision on your prescription. The proper eye remains written as OD, to Oculus Dexter, also the left vision remains written as OS, to Oculus Baleful. Most doctors merely make use of a "R" plus "L" to right also left but most eye care practitioners make use of OD and OS.

2 Note the power for each eye, sometimes written being "PWR." This quantity is any measurement of your nearsightedness or farsightedness. Within addition to power, your prescription can or can not contain any correction for astigmatism, one irregular formed-cornea which, remains very frequent. This amount is written because cylinder or "Cyl" also will be followed via the Axis, a number among internet site also 18 website. Cylinder strength can be whereas low seeing that .25 or much higher, depending on the period regarding astigmatism your prescription requires. The greater the number, the stronger the correction.

3 Check for the Base Curve, other crucial element of a contact lens prescription. The Base Curve, or "B.C.," describes the back curvature of your contact lens, so that the lens sits easily plus properly on your eye. Base Curves are measured also prescribed in millimeters and can be anywhere out of 8. website to 1 website. web site millimeters.

Suggestions & Warnings

Your contact prescription may well furthermore contain other info, such seeing that a color or a brand of contact lens. If you wear bifocal contact lenses, your prescription will contain a bifocal addition, penned as an "ADD" followed via a beneficial number, such as +1.5 website or +2. internet site website. Bifocal prescriptions are any strength that is extra to your range vision to help you read also see up close. The range regarding power for bifocals is usually between +1. website web site and + 3. website internet site and may be prescribed within increments regarding + website.25, depending on your prescription. The better the number, the stronger the bifocal reading power.


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