Killer Seneca Android App

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Features (focus on the School of Information and Communication Technologies)

  • list of teachers/profs
  • schedules for students
  • rss feed, seneca news, announcements
  • list of courses
  • maps, google api
  • calendar, google calendar api


  • eclipse indigo
  • svn (Andrew is going to to set it up on school's servers)


  • prototype by the end of semester.

Next Week February 9, 2012

  • Andrew is going to give a SVN demo
  • installation of Eclipse and run hello world, emulator
  • Robert to prepare Android SDK and Eclipse on a DVD for 32-bit/64-bit?.

Development Team

  • Robert Kok
  • Mohamed Baig
  • Kyron Baxter
  • Sayed Alam
  • Jasmine Dubecki