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[12:12pm] dperit: What did I miss from being late?

[12:13pm] adgezaza: nothing just the quiz

[12:13pm] adgezaza: where you at co-op?

[12:13pm] dperit: Oh, okay then

[12:13pm] dperit: Totally forgot about that

[12:13pm] adgezaza: you can write it tomorrow after the class

[12:14pm] dperit: Nope, I'm just... lazy?

[12:14pm] adgezaza: lol

[12:14pm] dperit: To answer the question in main chat

[1:50pm] adgezaza: we should have a working project in tags where we commit and update to avoid ovrlapping

[1:51pm] dperit: You only commit when you're done working

[1:51pm] dperit: So finding out about conflicts after you've done them is not a good system

[1:51pm] adgezaza: you update before you start and commit when you finish

[1:51pm] dperit: Right. And then some other guy gets that stuff at the same time and does wasted work

[1:52pm] dperit: If you're not going to just use Fardad's recommendations, then we have to mark what we're working on on the wiki

[1:52pm] adgezaza: kk

[1:53pm] dperit: If we're going to use that system, we have to tell everyone else about it. Because I can't work on whatever jason was working on right now, because I don't want to waste my time

[1:59pm] adgezaza: http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/OOP244_-_ICANHAZCODE%3F_Project_Dev_Page_-_20101#Adrian_Maurer

[2:07pm] adgezaza: go to that page and put what your going to work on (just put one function at a time)

[2:07pm] adgezaza: i will always check that before i work

[2:07pm] dperit: Okay then. Will you tell the others to do that?

[2:07pm] adgezaza: yep