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[4:13pm] adgezaza: hey sorry im late

[4:13pm] dperit: You will be... you will be

[4:13pm] adgezaza:

[4:13pm] dperit: We had a democratic vote. You're doing the rest of the assignment for us.

[4:14pm] dperit: Majority rules, man

[4:14pm] dperit: Sorry

[4:14pm] adgezaza: who said this was a democracy

[4:14pm] adgezaza: i was gonna do it anyway, your all fired

[4:14pm] dperit: We also vote on that

[4:14pm] jasonaburton: yo

[4:14pm] dperit: *voted on that

[4:15pm] adgezaza: you are*

[4:15pm] jasonaburton: Adrian: just watched FMA, INSANE INSANE INSANE

[4:15pm] adgezaza: episode 60?

[4:15pm] adgezaza: saw it monday

[4:15pm] jasonaburton: yeah

[4:15pm] jasonaburton: anyways, whats up!

[4:15pm] adgezaza: and watched all 9 episodes of Rainbow, pretty awesome

[4:15pm] jasonaburton: yeah Rainbows wicked

[4:15pm] adgezaza: okay

[4:15pm] adgezaza: who is gonna divy up the remaining functins

[4:16pm] dperit: I dunno?

[4:16pm] jasonaburton: well...there's only like 3 left isn't there?

[4:16pm] adgezaza: is our function divider here?

[4:16pm] adgezaza: vlad?

[4:16pm] adgezaza: you here?

[4:16pm] jasonaburton: i dont think hes her

[4:18pm] adgezaza: alright I will do it

[4:18pm] adgezaza: sec plz

[4:18pm] jasonaburton: remember that even though he did the coding in class, he wants us to change a little bit of his function

[4:18pm] adgezaza: btw anyone figure out keycodes for mac

[4:19pm] dperit: There's a program that may help that I posted a link to on wiki

[4:19pm] adgezaza: I committed hlaf of them working

[4:19pm] adgezaza: what section?

[4:19pm] dperit: The team page

[4:20pm] jasonaburton: I didn't touch any key codes yet

[4:20pm] adgezaza: wow, the only function left is iof_menu item

[4:20pm] adgezaza: he pretty much did the rest in class

[4:20pm] jasonaburton: are you sure

[4:20pm] adgezaza: double check but yeah

[4:21pm] jasonaburton: there's iof_flad

[4:21pm] jasonaburton: flag**

[4:21pm] jasonaburton: displaymenuitem

[4:21pm] jasonaburton: and menuitem

[4:22pm] adgezaza: void iof_display(const char *str, int row, int col, int len), int iof_edit, void iof_displayflag, int iof_flag, void iof_displayMenuItem, int iof_menuItem

[4:22pm] adgezaza: he did those today

[4:22pm] adgezaza: or at least started them

[4:23pm] jasonaburton: ill work on displayflag (or at least fix it up and make it look better) and Ill do flag as well

[4:23pm] jasonaburton: he didn't do flag

[4:23pm] adgezaza: david what would you like, i can do flag

[4:23pm] dperit: um

[4:24pm] jasonaburton: I feel like we should just get together next week and do them all at the same time together

[4:24pm] jasonaburton:

[4:24pm] adgezaza: i like that idea too

[4:24pm] dperit: Okay, sure

[4:24pm] adgezaza: we can still commit are own code

[4:24pm] dperit: Sorry, distracted by other conversations

[4:24pm] jasonaburton: because half of them are half finished, etc etc.

[4:25pm] jasonaburton: yeah

[4:25pm] adgezaza: agreed

[4:25pm] jasonaburton: we'll get it all done in one afternoon, and commit individually.

[4:25pm] adgezaza: well lets decide a day than

[4:25pm] adgezaza: then

[4:25pm] jasonaburton: Okay, what day is good?

[4:25pm] adgezaza: he will probably do more tomorrow

[4:25pm] jasonaburton: Mondays are free for me

[4:25pm] jasonaburton: true

[4:25pm] jasonaburton: that's another thing

[4:25pm] adgezaza: any day is good for me

[4:25pm] jasonaburton: we mgiht as well wait until he's done coding them, then we'll do what he hasnt done

[4:25pm] jasonaburton: i say we do Monday

[4:25pm] dperit: Yeah, that sounds good

[4:25pm] jasonaburton: its free, no class, etc.

[4:25pm] adgezaza: monday than

[4:25pm] adgezaza: them

[4:26pm] jasonaburton: Okay.

[4:26pm] jasonaburton: Time? place?

[4:26pm] adgezaza: godamnit i hate my grammer

[4:26pm] jasonaburton: 1pm Seneca Cafe?

[4:26pm] jasonaburton: lol

[4:26pm] adgezaza: sure or fishbowl?

[4:26pm] jasonaburton: well we can meet at the cafe, and then go wherever we want

[4:26pm] adgezaza: sure

[4:27pm] adgezaza: since voldermort isnt here we will just tell him tomorrow

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: Okay, sounds good then

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: yep.

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: someone will msg him.

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: although..he might be working on Monday

[4:27pm] adgezaza: btw everyone have google talk

[4:27pm] adgezaza: just ordered nexus one last night

[4:27pm] adgezaza: no more bbm

[4:27pm] adgezaza: not that any of you had it

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: what is bbm?

[4:27pm] adgezaza: blackberry messenger

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: ohhhhh

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: okay.

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: yeah I don't do mobile.

[4:28pm] adgezaza: you also don't do job

[4:28pm] adgezaza: lol

[4:28pm] adgezaza: get a JOB!

[4:28pm] adgezaza: haha okay im gonna post this on wiki now

[4:28pm] jasonaburton: okay

[4:28pm] jasonaburton: and I am searching

[4:28pm] jasonaburton: so hey

[4:28pm] jasonaburton: you're seriousbly gonna not finish the course if you get that job?

[4:29pm] adgezaza: well Tak will get me an interview when I finish up my projects and have a decent portfolio.

[4:29pm] CloudScorpion: geez you kids talk a lot

[4:29pm] dperit: Yeah, no kidding

[4:29pm] jasonaburton: It's an "official" IRC meeting!

[4:29pm] dperit: So we're meeting on Monday

[4:29pm] jasonaburton: yep

[4:29pm] jasonaburton: Monday 1pm sen cafe

[4:29pm] adgezaza: if I get it I will probably be dropping out unless next semester they have some courses in the evening

[4:29pm] adgezaza: meeting over?

[4:30pm] jasonaburton: ah I seeeeee

[4:30pm] jasonaburton: yep, meeting over. Go about your business

[4:30pm] adgezaza: yes meeting monday

[4:30pm] adgezaza: 1pm

[4:30pm] adgezaza: vlad might not be able to make it cause he will prob be dt at work

[4:30pm] adgezaza: but its all good

[4:30pm] adgezaza: we will leave some fill in the blanks for him lo

[4:30pm] jasonaburton: hehe sure.

[4:31pm] jasonaburton: Well I g2g meet the missus

[4:31pm] jasonaburton: so I'll talk to you chaps later

[4:31pm] adgezaza: later

[4:31pm] jasonaburton left the chat room.