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The iTunes application on your computer lets you download applications and then transfer those apps to your iPod. You can moreover purchase and download applications from the App Store on your device. Following purchasing an application also loading it to your iPod, you can enable iTunes to sync in apps installed on your iPod, creating a backup of the apps. You can re-sync apps to your gadget after recovering the factory settings on your iPod to block losing any one information saved to the apps on your iPod.


1 Connect your iPod to the computer using the USB cable that came by the iPod.

2 Launch the iTunes application on your computer if it does not automatically available.

3 Click the name of your iPod beneath Devices on the left side of the iTunes program window.

4 Click the "Applications" tab on the right part of the program window, therefore click to test "Sync Applications."

5 Click to test "All Applications" beneath Sync Applications. TetrisPlay Tetris.

6 Click the "Summary" tab and then click "Sync." The applications on your iPod are transferred to iTunes.


Apple: Syncing and Arranging Apps away from the App Shop