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Please add an overview of your group here and create a separate project page for your group!

Project Rules

  1. Use the Group page for a Journal of your activities throughout the course of the project
  2. Project should cover material that differ from the material on the course web site
  3. Presentation can be in powerpoint or walkthru the group project page
  4. Link to the project page should be on the Participants table
  5. Presentation slots are first come first served
  6. Attendance at all presentations is mandatory - marks will be deducted for absenteeism
  7. Marks will be awarded for both Group Wiki page and for the Presentation

Sample Projects (Former Students)

  1. Winter 2016 semester
  2. Fall 2016 semester
  3. Fall 2017 semester
  4. Fall 2018 semester
  5. Fall 2020 semester

Suggested Projects (each * denotes one group that has claimed this topic)

  1. Intel Parallel Studio Advisor - [Intel Site]
  2. Intel Parallel Studio Inspector - [Intel Site]
  3. Intel Parallel Studio vTune Amplifier - [Intel Site]
  4. Intel Math Kernel Library - [Intel Site] *
  5. Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library - [Intel Site]
  6. Totalview Debugger - [Get Student License]
  7. OpenMP Debugging in Visual Studio - [MSDN Notes]
  8. Debugging Threads in Intel Parallel Studio - [Dr Dobbs Article]
  9. Analyzing False Sharing - [Herb Sutter's Article]
  10. The Chapel Programming Language - [Chapel Site]
  11. Apache's Spark - [Spark Site]
  12. OpenMP Profiler - [ompP]
  13. C++11 Threads Library Comparison to OpenMP - Case Studies
  14. C++11 STL Comparison to TBB - Case Studies

Group and Project Index

You can find a sample project page template here

Sample Project

Project Title here

  1. Chris Szalwinski
  2. Fardad Soleimanloo
  3. eMail All

Intel Math Kernel Library

Slightly Above Average

  1. James Inkster
  2. Jordan Sie
  3. Varshan Nagarajan
  4. eMail All

That's Not Parallel Bro

A Crash Course on Processors

  1. Matthew Schumacher
  2. Glib Zayarnyy

False Sharing

Analyzing False Sharing

  1. Kevin Chou

We hate bugs

OpenMP Debugging in Visual Studio

  1. Kimin Lee
  2. Jashua Luna
  3. Irene Park

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

  1. Adrian Ng
  2. Milosz Zapolski
  3. Muhammad Faiz

Intel oneMKL - Math Kernel Library

Intel oneMKL - Math Kernel Library

  1. Menglin Wu
  2. Syed Muhammad Saad Bukhari
  3. Lin Xu

Your Optimization Co-Pilot

Intel Advisor

  1. Ricardo Ramirez
  2. Parsa Parichehreh
  3. Jigarkumar Pritamkumar Koradiya

Intel Parallel Studio VTune Amplifier

Single Corers

  1. Iurii Kondrakov
  2. James Mai
  3. Stephen Griffis

Intel Inspector

Intel Parallel Studio Inspector

  1. Elliot Kyei
  2. Joel Raymond
  3. Muhammad Faiz

Game Engine Parallelisation

Game Engine Parallelisation

  1. Daniel Kerr

Presentation Schedule

Team Name Project Title Date and Time
Nikita Sushko, Glib Gnennyi The Chapel Programming Language Dec 2nd 08:10AM
Lin Xu, Menglin Wu, Syed Muhammad Saad Intel Math Kernel Library Dec 2nd 08:30AM
Daniel Kerr Parallelization in Game Engines Dec 2nd 08:45AM
Adrian Ng, Milosz Zapolski Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library Dec 9th 08:10AM
Kevin Chou Analyzing False Sharing Dec 9th 08:30AM
Jigarkumar Pritamkumar Koradiya, Parsa Parichehreh, Ricardo Ramirez Intel Parallel Studio Advisor Dec 9th 08:45AM
Kimin Lee, Irene Park, Jashua Luna OpenMP Debugging in Visual Studio Dec 9th 09:00AM
Elliot Kyei, Joel Raymond, Muhammad Faiz Intel Parallel Studio Inspector Dec 9th 09:15AM
Iurii Kondrakov, Stephen Griffis, James Mai Intel Parallel Studio vTune Amplifier Dec 9th 09:30AM
[| Slightly Above Average] Dec 9th 08:10AM
That's Not Parallel Bro: A Crash Course on Processors Dec 9th 08:10AM