GAM537/DPS937 Project Requirements 20143

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Group Game Project

You are responsible for a group game project that you will work on throughout the course. This project is worth 70% of your mark. As this project represents a large portion of your mark, it will be graded in stages. Please refer to the timeline for the exact deadlines.


You will be responsible for organizing yourself into groups of 3-4 students and preparing a 3-5 page proposal for your project by week 3/4. You will meet with your instructors to discuss your proposal draft on week 3; you will then submit an updated proposal in week 4. The proposal should outline the following:

IMPORTANT: Since the UDK is based on UT3 and UT3 is a first-person shooter, you are NOT ALLOWED to create a first-person shooter game!

A description of your game type and all of its elements, broken down logically with an overall description of the game and a description of each of its major elements including (but not limited to):

  • Game type description
  • Winning/losing conditions
  • Camera behaviour
  • Player description
    • Capabilities
    • Behaviour
    • Controls
  • Enemy descriptions/player opposition
    • Depending on the game type, sometimes enemy objects are not required. In those cases, a description of the player's opposition should be provided
  • A detailed top-down diagram of the map that you will be creating for your game including actors, spawn point(s), bot paths, pickups (if any), as well as any other relevant information related to object placement within your map
  • An outline of the responsibilities of each of the group members in contributing to the project
  • Images/diagrams that support your game concept including related games, related concepts, sketches, diagrams, etc...

Note: In the above, some elements will not apply to all game types. In those cases, you may choose elements similar in spirit that are relevant to your game type.