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Team Members

  1. Wesley Hamilton
  2. Rene Leon Anderson
  3. Matthew R Tait
  4. eMail All


Node Animation System

Assigned Sections
Lab Number DX11 Labs OpenGL Labs!
1 Wesley -
2 Rene -
3 Matthew -
4 Wesley -
5 Rene -
6 Matthew -
7 Wesley Rene
8 Rene Matthew
9 Matthew Wesley
10 Wesley Matthew

For this assignment we had originally allocated the roles as:

  • Wesley -> Manager class
  • Matthew -> AnimationTract class
  • Rene -> Interpolation logic

As we progressed, we had to change up many of the roles and who was working on what. Most of the commits look like they are from just Wes and Rene but Matthew was hard at work helping finish the last OpenGL lab and helping with the debugging of either the AnimationTract or the interpolation logic, Wes and Rene were just doing most of the commits.

Everyone's contribution was invaluable and everyone did their share to help out towards the completion of this assignment.