Firefox Performance Testing Lab Fall 2010 cadecairos

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Test Results (cadecairos)

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Hardware Info

  • Adapter Description: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
  • Vendor ID: 8086
  • Device ID: 2a02
  • Adapter RAM: Unknown
  • Adapter Drivers: igdumd64, igd10umd64, igdumdx32, igd10umd32
  • Driver Version:
  • Driver Date:9-23-2009
  • Direct2D Enabled: false
  • DirectWrite Enabled: false
  • GPU Accelerated Windows:1/1 Direct3D 9

Firefox Build Info

  • build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:2.0b7pre) Gecko/20100914 Firefox/4.0b7pre

Chromium Build Info

  • Chromium: 7.0.525.0 (Developer Build 59420)
  • WebKit: 534.8
  • V8 2.4.3
  • User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.8 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/7.0.525.0 Safari/534.8

Test Notes

Name & URL Tester Date Firefox Performance - Speed Firefox Performance - Smoothness Firefox Performance - Responsiveness Notes and other Details
111 Noise Field Chris Sept 14 2010 Does not seem to be choppy or have any lag Graphics rendered smoothly but, the shapes leave permanent dark trails behind them that stand out from the background Other Minefield windows are responsive The animations of the shapes in chrome seemed to slow significantly when the window was not the focus of the mouse pointer, but it was not a problem in minefield.
112 Keylight Chris Sept 14 2010 Begins to slowdown and skip when lot of dots are placed on the screen. (happens in chrome too) all the objects are rendered with the same quality as in Chrome no noticeable difference in other windows response time. -
113 Breathing Galaxies Chris Sept 14 2010 I did not see any trouble with the speed of the animations. Minefield had no trouble animating the shapes No slowdown in response time in other windows. identical performance, from what i observed.
114 Cubescape Chris Sept 14 2010 Speed was good. no slowdowns. the only trouble i noticed was the animations of the blocks shadows as they fell. in chrome it was smooth and matched the location of the block but in minefield the shadow lagged and left marks on screen where it had been. the marks disappear when the block stops bouncing did not affect other windows response time -
115 Sinuous Chris Sept 14 2010 Firefox performed at a faster fps than chrome in this experiment graphics and animations were smooth in both browsers other windows were still responsive -
116 Color Piano Chris Sept 14 2010 frame rate was good. the colours made from the pressed keys slow down and get choppy if many keys are pressed in succession, a lot more so than with chrome after a colour disappears, you can see a shadow of it in the background that doe snot disappear like in chrome no change in responsiveness -
117 Sand Trap Chris Sept 14 2010 good frame rate in firefox, no noticeable difference from chrome I noticed a difference in the size of the rendered particles of sand in firefox. they were much bigger than the particles in chrome no change in responsiveness Filed a bug. the sand particles freeze when one leaves the screen in firefox.
118 3DTin Chris Sept 14 2010 the rotate and zoom in Firefox lagged behind the speed of them in chrome Graphics rendered in just the same quality as chrome still responsive. -
119 Plasma Chris Sept 14 2010 constant 50 fps, but drops to 20-30 fps if another firefox window is in the foreground. The colours were rendered very blocky compared to chrome, which blended the lines toghether. other windows were still responsive -
120 The Wilderness Downtown Chris Sept 14 2010 firefox had good speed. during the postcard drawing section, when drawing or typing, several video are supposed to loop as you go, but they do not play at all and/or skip a lot. The rendered graphics were smooth. other windows still responsive Lots of problems with this one. the Chrome nightly could not even play the experiment and crashed on page load. (every time) firefox loaded the search bar maybe 1/3 times you try to load the page. then once you enter the address 1/5 times the load process freezes and forces you to reload. the video is fine from then, up until the drawing tool appears. You are supposed to be able to write a letter using the keyboard, but many letters don't appear properly (see here). as well, when you type/draw with the mouse, the videos at the bottom don't play or skip a lot.