Fedora ARM Meeting 2012 July 11

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  • Issues:
    • The repo configuration includes the rpfr repo, but not the F17 repos. Andrew, I think this is the -release package -- it should install and enable the F17 repo control file as well as the rpfr one. Agreene- Done, Subject to testing
    • Our naming is still inconsistent -- we have "raspi" "rasp-pi", and "raspberrypi" in various places. Agreene - Done, subject to review
    • /etc/issue is being renamed to /etc/issue.rpmsave during the compose. Agreene - Subject to testing

** The image is 4096 MB (=4GB) but many "4GB" SD cards are smaller. The image should be changed to 4000MB. Frojoe - Done

    • Firstboot isn't firing up, so there is no user account/resize option/etc etc. Please dig into this and see if you can get it running. Frojoe and Fossjon

** We should compose with the kernel in that directory (i.e., that kernel should be in our repo). Agreene - Done

    • Pulseaudio should be installed. X servers that we don't care about (e.g., for Intel/Nvidia/AMD-ATI cards) should not. What else can we pull out? Frojoe
    • The package set (commands and applications) needs additional refinement. TBD (Consult with Ctyler)

** Perl module for above

** Pi3D

  • Miscellaneous
    • PR Stuff (Mailing list, IRC) Frojoe
    • OpenGL Rasberry Splash Screen Fossjon - In Progress
    • Image testing Fosjon, Agreene, Frojoe