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ENVRA stands for:

  • epoch - the era of the package release. This defaults to 0. The epoch field is used when the package authors lower the version number in a subsequent release of the software; having a higher epoch number identifies the lower-numbered version as succeeding the higher-numbered version
  • name - the name of the software, assigned by the package authors, or a subpackage, consisting of the package name suffixed with a subpackage designator (foo-docs)
  • version - a value denoting a particular version of a source package, assigned by the package authors
  • release - a value denoting a particular version of the RPM package, assigned by the packager
  • arch - architecture on which the package can be installed (or noarch for architecture-agnostic packages such as fonts, images, and interpreted scripts)

The ENVRA is an important identifier within the RPM system and is used to determine package precedence.

ENVR, NVR, and NVRA represent various combinations of these values.


  • RPM file nled-2.52-6.fc12.x86_64.rpm contains the NVRA - epoch unknown, name nled, version 2.52, release 6.fc12, arch x86_64
  • Output from mock may mention 0:bash-4.1.7-1.fc13.armv5tel - epoch 0, name bash, version 4.1.7, release 1.fc13, arch armv5tel