Don't build the fox, just walk in the minefield

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I want to create a 1,2,3 tutorial for somebody to just get started using the latest build of Firefox3(codename minefield).

  • Download the latest build from
  • Check the numbering of the file names (firefox-3.0a3pre is later than firefox-3.0a2pre), the OS (.win32. for windows , .linux-i686t. for linux and .mac. for MacOS)
  • There's three files to download a ZIP file, an installer and a Mozilla Update(.complete.mar - I THINK); Just download the installer and run it. The file I downloaded was "firefox-3.0a3pre.en-US.win32.installer.exe"
  • Run this every time you want to use minefield:
c:\Program Files\Minefield>firefox -Profilemanager --no-remote
  • Create a new profile, like "minefield" and use it every time you want to use minefield.

  • NOTE: If at any point you run Firefox2 and then you try to open Minfield(codename for Firefox3), you will just end up running another window of Firefox2 (I will explain later how to run both at the same time). It happens vice versa too.
I'm trying to find another way to run each one without having to go through the profile manager