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This lab is designed to give you first-hand experience using IRC to work on a collaborative project. You will work as a group in competition with other groups in order to write a document that describes:

  • What is a Firefox Extension?
  • What is a Firefox Theme?
  • How to get and install Firefox add-ons.
  • List and describe as many extensions/themes as you can

Each group will present their document at the end of the lab. The winner will be chosen based on quality of information, quantity of information, and quality of the final document.


  1. Use the #seneca channel for general questions only
  2. We will break into smaller groups and use #seneca1, #seneca2, ... senecaN for group work. Form a group of no more than 5 using the following steps:
    1. Join #seneca1 (use /join #seneca1)
    2. If #seneca1 has fewer than 5 people, you are done.
    3. If #seneca1 has 5 or more people, leave #seneca1 and join #seneca2
    4. Repeat step 2 until you find a #senecaN channel that has fewer than 5 people
  3. You may only use IRC to communicate with your group members (no in-person communication or physical passing of information)
  4. You must install and test any extensions or themes that you write about.
  5. You cannot copy-paste any text from the web.
  6. Use any method you wish to create your document. Some ideas are:
    • a Wiki page (you can use this wiki)
    • Google Docs
    • a regular word processor document


IRC Help

On-line Collaboration Tools

Useful Mozilla Links