Dive into Mozilla Bugs, Bugzilla, and QA

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This lab is designed to give you first-hand experience using Bugzilla and doing application testing using Litmus.

Mozilla uses Community Test Days in order to test new releases of Firefox or Thunderbird. The goal of these is to get as many people as possible looking at a feature, hoping to confirm bugs or find new ones through a structured approach. Often these Test Days have a particular focus, for example, Session Store, Anti-Phishing, or Tabbed Browsing. Test days are also a chance to write functional test cases, or to help us edit test cases that need revising as features change.

Mozilla also hosts Bug Days, which are used to do bug triage (i.e., confirming reported bugs, checking for duplicates, etc.).

Finally, the QA team is also interested in small projects with well defined scopes to engage people who are interested in slightly more technical challenges within QA. For example, one recent project that was announced was the Talkback Report Challenge. This is a project whose aim is to make it easier to read Talkback crash reports.


  • Pick one of the following two community activities to work on:

Use IRC to co-ordinate with other students in the class, as well as the Mozilla community on-line.