Device Support and Testing: PandaBoard

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Device Support and Testing: PandaBoard

Project Description

Various ARM devices need different driver sets and/or kernels. This project will test the Fedora-ARM system on the PandaBoard, creating a kernel that works well with it, and figuring out how to use as many of the built-in peripherals as possible.

Project Leader

  • Adeel Sabir

Project Contributor(s)

Project Details

Begin with research into the Pandaboard form factor and what drivers are required for it. Also learn about other projects for putting Linux on Pandaboard: Ubuntu, Linux Minimal, and Android. Finally, build a kernel with as many of the on-board peripherals as possible working.

Project Plan

Tracking mechanism: Bugzilla

Key contacts: ctyler, PaulW

Goals for each release and plans for reaching those goals:

  • 0.1 Initial research into the Pandaboard and required drivers
  • 0.2 Bootable kernel, initial documentation
  • 0.3 A kernel (or kernels) for use with the PanadaBoard and the Fedora 12 or Fedora 13 root filesystems; user documentation on how to set up the PandaBoard with Fedora; wiki notes on setting up other ARM devices


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Upsteam Wiki and Web

Pandaboard Website

Pandaboard Wiki




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