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Comments for Performance Documentation

Framework Prereqs

  • Additional details regarding Framework Prerequisites would reduce confusion. There isn't any harm in "dumbing it down" a level.
    • Order of installations
    • Python options
    • Cygwin options (packages)
    • Where to put the .dll

Framework Config

  • Are given path values the defaults? Is there any forseeable reason that they would be different?
  • Confusion - you seem to be contradicting yourself
(Optional) For the page load test to work, modify the hostperm.1 file

    * Set to allow urls with scheme:file to open in new windows
    * Set the preference to open new windows in a tab should be off. 
    # Permission File
    # This is a generated file! Do not edit.

Config File

  • What do I modify? The paths?
    • Highlight sections that need to be modified or "may" need to be modified. Within code, could be hard to understand.
Running the test will close any existing Firefox windows.  
  • This should be BOLD CAPS MAJOR, almost lost all my wiki edits.

Skewing the Test

  • How much of this test is reliant on applications currently running on the system? Can one skew the test results to give inaccurate readings by overloading the system?
  • By running a quick test I realized that by overloading the processor, the results of the test become much less useful. Before running the test framework I started a multitude of applications to occupy the processor:
    • 2 x YouTube Flash Video Sites
    • 1 x Disk Defragmenter
    • 1 x Flash Game
    • 1 x Flash Media Site
    • 1 x Windows Media Streamed Video
  • By looking at the images below, the Normal test's % of processor peaks at approximately 26.5%. In contrast the overloaded test shows a low point of 26.5%. This result actually has nothing to do with Firefox, but everything to do with stress put on the processor from external applications. In addition the other results were affected aswell.
  • Normal Test


  • With Overloaded Processor