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Team LoL

Member List

  1. Gerald Wan
  2. Jeremy Millar
  3. Brock Moote

eMail All

Repo Link


Initial Proposal

We will be making a racing game that is a top -down/3/4 view where you can see the entire track.
There will not be many controls just accelerate, break and turning.
It will be a simple amount of collision detection within the game.
You will be able to hit walls and go slower on the grass, while speeding up and turning better on the pavement.
There will only be one race track that will have terrain.

Map of the World of the Game

The map will consist of some roadways and obstacles, it will begin at origin 0,0 and extend from there as 0 being the floor

Instructor's Comments

  • need your grade breakdown
  • add repo link
  • add member list with email all
  • add segment plane logic to collision detection in Frame.cpp - store half-length as radius
  • keep terrain flat
  • add second player instead of AI
  • keep walls axis aligned for simple detection
  • buid walls from many triangles to facilitate lighting with spots

Final Game Specs

Our game has come into fruition. It has been changed into a battle-arena type of game.
There are two players, who each drive a car around, and can fire rockets at the other car.
The movement of the car for player one are the arrow keys on the keyboard. To fire for player one, press space.
The movement of the car for player two are the i, j, k, and l keys on the keyboard. To fire for player two, press t.

There is collision of cars on cars, cars on the walls, and cars on rockets.
The rockets blow up when they hit the other car, other rockets, or a wall.
The HUD has been changed into the life bars for the cars, displaying the number of health points for each car at the top of the page.
When a rocket hits car one, car one's health points goes down. The same for car two. Each car has a total of 5 health points.
When either cars health reaches zero, the round is over, and the game restarts.
There are a total of three rounds. When the third round is over, the game over screen shows, and the game ends.
Included in our game is background sound, collision sound, and explosion sound.
Textures have been modified to produce a dark and dangerous atmosphere.
We feel that the uplifting "chocobo" soundtrack clashes nicely with this depressing scene.